Turkey Carcass Bone Broth

Get the most out of your Thanksgiving turkey!

In the spirit of reducing food waste as much as possible and getting all of the benefits we can out of our food, it only makes sense to turn your turkey carcass into bone broth.

It’s quick to prep, easy to monitor, and has loads of benefits.

Benefits of bone broth:
🌱 Gelatin (released from bones during simmering) restores the gut lining, promotes good gut bacteria, and helps the gut absorb nutrients from food
🌱 Collagen helps GI tract tissue lining, and therefore digestion, and promotes healthy skin (moisture control and anti-aging)
🌱 Overall supports immune function (80% of the immune system is in the gut – healthy gut, healthy body) and joint health
🌱 Helps detox from heavy metals and toxins that we pick up in this chemical-filled world

You can drink it plain, use it for cooking, or add rice, chopped vegetables, and leftover turkey to make a quick soup. Turkey and wild rice soup anyone?!

Check out our guide to making turkey carcass bone broth to get the most of your holiday meal this year.

Turkey Carcass Bone Broth Guide

This article is meant to inform readers of the benefits of collagen from bone broth to health.  It is not meant to constitute personal medical advice.  Always consult your medical provider regarding labs, treatments, and supplements.

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