Client Testimonials

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I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. LaPerriere! In a fairly short amount of time, he has been able to figure out my health problems and get me back on track. His approach and temperament allow for a well-thought out, focused approach. I’ve been to several different doctors, but for one reason or another, no one was able to figure out why I was gaining weight, uncharacteristically so, as well as trouble with sleeping and a whole other list of symptoms.

Through listening to me and clearly applying a medical expertise, he ran a few simple tests. From that point, he helped me determine an approach that worked for me and that made sense to me. I feel better now than I have in years. I sleep better and have so much more energy. A good night’s sleep isn’t something you take for granted until you can’t have one. I’m not monetarily wealthy by any stretch, but I would still say this doctor is worth every penny!

For all the endless tests I was going through before this point, paying a percentage that wasn’t covered under my health insurance, I have come-out way ahead, health wise and financially. This has turned out to be one of the best health decisions I’ve made in a long time.
- Michelle T
I highly recommend Dr. LaPerriere for anyone who is tired of continually just treating symptoms and never getting to stopping the actual cause. ”

Dr. Dan” is very thorough, and very knowledgeable. He listens attentively and explains everything so it is readily understood. I am especially impressed with his office software which is very easy to navigate and easy to communicate directly with Dr. Dan when needed.
- Lindsay W
I sought out Functional Medicine because I had some serious health issues and knew I needed someone to help me find some answers. In addition, I felt tired all the time and my joints ached. After two months with Dr. Dan and Tiffany, I have answers, I feel confident working on my chronic health issues, and, best of all, I have so much energy! My mood has improved, I’ve lost weight, and my joint pain is almost non-existent. I’ve learned a lot about how the body functions and the importance of nutrition and exercise.

I am thankful that I took this step.
- Linda E
Dr. LaPerriere has helped me immensely across this past year; my health has dramatically and measurably improved. I appreciate his medical knowledge, his thoroughness, and I genuinely enjoy working with him!
- Angela M
As someone with a rare auto-immune disorder, hematological disorder, and a host of other issues, I needed a doctor willing to “put up with me”.
Not only has Dr. Dan continually researched my issues and helped improve my overall health year over year, but he is the first medical practitioner that felt like an advocate.
Whatever health concerns you have Dr. Dan will not disappoint.
He is an amazing man and doctor. A true hidden gem.
As a busy, working, single mother finding Dr. Dan LaPerriere was one of the best things I’ve done. He is always there when we need him. He cares and listens and understands. I never feel that I am bothering him, but that he is there to help.

He is terrific in all aspects of the medical field from extensive knowledge to individualized thinking.
- Chandi B
It has been our great fortune to work with Dr. Daniel LaPerriere. After years of having the same doctor it was difficult when he retired. Dr. Dan has gone beyond all hopes and expectations. He is well researched, up to date in every area, caring, and considerate.

Dr. Dan always has time to talk and there is never a rushed feeling that “time is up”. Anyone would be lucky to have Dr. LaPerriere has their doctor.
- Jean A
I have had the opportunity to have Dr. Dan as my primary physician for 3 years. During this period Dr. Dan has been successful in identifying all areas of my health and concerns.
With the aid of supplements, diet and exercise, Dr. Dan has been successful in stopping as well as reversing my health issues and concerns!! Thank you Dr. Dan!
- Rod W
My experience so far with Dr. LaPerriere has been great! I am so grateful that this type of medicine exists.

I have suffered from mild to debilitating gastrointestinal issues for about 8 years. Typical modern healthcare had completely failed me and I had been led to believe that my only option was to live miserably with incurable symptoms. Dr. LaPerriere has been great. He has taken the time to listen and do research on my extensive gastrointestinal history (appointments are usually an hour).

It is relieving to feel like you are being listened to, as opposed to being given 20 minutes to try to cram in 8 years worth of information about my health then being sent home with a prescription for IBS that makes me sicker, which has been my experience with modern medicine for the last 8 years. Within a month, Dr. LaPerriere was able to diagnose the main cause of my symptoms (based on actual testing and not just a hunch) and start me on a treatment plan that has actually made me feel better and not worse without horrible side effects.

If you are at a dead end with run-of-the-mill medicine I highly recommend giving him a try.
- Tara B
Our family feels very fortunate to have Dr. Dan as our physician. His knowledge and caring is extensive. He takes time to research and listen. I was very impressed with suggestions and ideas on vitamins and supplements! Dr. Dan and Tiffany are our “go-to”!
- Jack M