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Functional Medicine

We believe that great health is paramount if we want to achieve our goals and dreams. Using a functional medicine approach we help our clients obtain and maintain a state of optimal health so they can both look and feel their best and have energy, vitality, and focus.

We specialize in optimizing brain function and preventing/reversing cognitive decline.  We do this by using a personalized, functional medicine approach to find and address all potential underlying negative impacts on brain function and by providing support to help rebuild nerve cells and their connections to one another.

When we work together to optimize cognitive health we are actually working and addressing all important areas of health including cardiovascular health, hormonal health, gut health, nutrition, the immune system, inflammation, cellular energy production, and more.

Functional medicine is a personalized, scientific approach to medicine where the body and mind are viewed and treated as a complex integrated system. Everything from the microscopic level of our cells to the macroscopic level of our social interactions and life view play important roles in our health. By exploring our personal history, lifestyle, exposure history, perceptions, advanced laboratory testing, and genetics we find and address the root causes of dysfunction within the body.

Some other areas in which we specialize include: Wellness and Anti-aging, treatment of Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes, treatment of Cardiovascular/Heart disease, treatment of intestinal/gut issues, and treatment of Auto-Immune disease.
When addressing acute concerns we do our best to seek treatments that correct the issue while minimizing negative effects on other bodily systems.

Conditions We Treat
You can stop and prevent Dementia
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    Jack M

    Our family feels very fortunate to have Dr. Dan as our physician. His knowledge and caring is extensive. He takes time to research and listen. I was very impressed with suggestions and ideas on vitamins and supplements! Dr. Dan and Tiffany are our “go-to”!

    Rod W

    I have had the opportunity to have Dr. Dan as my primary physician for 3 years. During this period Dr. Dan has been successful in identifying all areas of my health and concerns.
    With the aid of supplements, diet and exercise, Dr. Dan has been successful in stopping as well as reversing my health issues and concerns!!
    Thank you Dr. Dan!

    Jean A

    It has been our great fortune to work with Dr. Daniel LaPerriere. After years of having the same doctor it was difficult when he retired. Dr. Dan has gone beyond all hopes and expectations. He is well researched, up to date in every area, caring, and considerate. Dr. Dan always has time to talk and there is never a rushed feeling that “time is up”. Anyone would be lucky to have Dr. LaPerriere has their doctor.

    Chandi B.

    As a busy, working, single mother finding Dr. Dan LaPerriere was one of the best things I’ve done. He is always there when we need him. He cares and listens and understands. I never feel that I am bothering him, but that he is there to help. He is terrific in all aspects of the medical field from extensive knowledge to individualized thinking.

    Kirk M.

    As someone with a rare auto-immune disorder, hematological disorder, and a host of other issues, I needed a doctor willing to “put up with me”.
    Not only has Dr. Dan continually researched my issues and helped improve my overall health year over year, but he is the first medical practitioner that felt like an advocate.
    Whatever health concerns you have Dr. Dan will not disappoint.
    He is an amazing man and doctor. A true hidden gem.

    Angela M

    Dr. LaPerriere has helped me immensely across this past year; my health has dramatically and measurably improved. I appreciate his medical knowledge, his thoroughness, and I genuinely enjoy working with him!

    Lindsay W

    I highly recommend Dr. LaPerriere for anyone who is tired of continually just treating symptoms and never getting to stopping the actual cause. ” Dr. Dan” is very thorough, and very knowledgeable. He listens attentively and explains everything so it is readily understood. I am especially impressed with his office software which is very easy to navigate and easy to communicate directly with Dr. Dan when needed.

    Linda E

    I sought out Functional Medicine because I had some serious health issues and knew I needed someone to help me find some answers. In addition, I felt tired all the time and my joints ached. After two months with Dr. Dan and Tiffany, I have answers, I feel confident working on my chronic health issues, and, best of all, I have so much energy! My mood has improved, I’ve lost weight, and my joint pain is almost non-existent. I’ve learned a lot about how the body functions and the importance of nutrition and exercise. I am thankful that I took this step.

    10 Aug: Oral Health & Dementia

    Oral health is emerging as an important contributor to cognitive decline. Indeed, your mouth, lips, and teeth can affect the health of your brain…

    26 Apr: Gut-Brain Connection Webinar

    Gut health has an important role in Brain Function and Cognition as well as all of your overall health. In this Webinar, Dr. Dan discusses some of the factors that impact gut health such as; inflammation, vagus nerve stimulation, the microbiome, and leaky gut.