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Health is essential if we want to achieve our goals and dreams. Using a functional medicine approach we help our clients obtain and maintain a state of optimal health so they can both look and feel their best and have energy, vitality, and focus.

Functional medicine is a personalized, scientific approach to medicine where the body and mind are viewed and treated as a complex integrated system. Everything from the microscopic level of our cells to the macroscopic level of our social interactions and lifeview play important roles in our health. By exploring our personal history, lifestyle, exposure history, perceptions, advanced laboratory testing, and genetics we find and address the root causes of dysfunction within the body.

One area we specialize in is optimizing brain function and preventing/reversing cognitive decline.  We do this by using a personalized, functional medicine approach to find and address all potential underlying negative influences on brain function and by providing support to help rebuild nerve cells and their connections to one another.

When we work together to optimize cognitive health we are addressing all important areas of health including cardiovascular health, hormonal health, gut health, nutrition, the immune system, inflammation, cellular energy production, and more.

Some other areas in which we specialize include Wellness and Anti-Aging, Treatment of Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes, Treatment of Cardiovascular/Heart disease, Treatment of Intestinal/Gut Issues, and Treatment of Auto-Immune diseases.

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Concierge Functional Medicine:
Wellness-Based Primary Care

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Primary care should focus on making you healthier. It should support you with lifestyle changes, work to get you off medications if possible, and prepare you for the best health possible as you age.

Unfortunately, our current primary care system is mostly reactionary and is not set up to promote health and wellness. Primary care generally means an annual physical with minimal blood work, sick visits, immunizations, and prescription renewals.

We are changing this!

Welcome to our concierge functional medicine wellness-based primary care.

We want you to wake up each day feeling energized and clear-headed, for you to be active and strong, for you to feel good about yourself and your body, for your natural immune system to ward off infections. We want to prevent or stop the progression of chronic conditions like heart disease, dementia, auto-immune processes, and cancer.

We can help you accomplish this. With a personalized functional medicine approach to wellness, we can explore your lifestyle, exposures, biochemistry, and genomics to learn how to best optimize your health.

In addition to his functional medicine knowledge, Dr. Dan has many years of experience in primary care, urgent care, and emergency medicine. He can handle a wide range of concerns that may present themselves. All our clients have Dr. Dan Laperriere’s private number. You can reach out to him any time via call or text with health-related questions or concerns.

He can look at a cut or rash (in the office or remotely), provide a second opinion when needed, act as a liaison between your various medical specialists, and help manage acute health concerns (as appropriate). If you are having a medical emergency, you should always go to the emergency room. COCFM is not your traditional primary care office in that we do not have acute care testing (i.e. strep tests, flu tests, covid-19 tests, etc…), do not perform procedures such as biopsies or laceration repairs, do not offer immunizations, and do not do well women exams (pap smears or breast exams). If testing or hands-on intervention is required, you may be advised/need to go to urgent care or the ER.

A graphical diagram showing the functional medicine services of COCFM. Concierge Wellness Primary Care is in the center to indicate all patients receive this, and in the outer rings are the following 3 program options: PreCODE, ReCODE and Peak Performance.

Our Specializations

Our Denver-based functional medicine clinic assists individuals in all areas of improving their health, including our ReCODE and PreCODE Cognitive Care as well as our Peak Performance Program






Cognitive Decline

And Promote overall wellness

Our advanced specialization includes the highest level certification and years of experience in the Bredesen Protocol & Apollo Health’s PreCODE/ReCODE Programs. 

Serving Colorado, And Beyond

Based in Louisville, Colorado, we’re licensed and available to serve clients in person or virtually in the following states:

Map showing the locations of a functional medicine doctor’s licenses across multiple states.
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