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Dr. Dan LaPerriere
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician & Certified functional medicine practitioner

Dr Dan (as most of his patients refer to him) is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician and one of the few medical doctors in Colorado who is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine*.

He has a passion for working collaboratively with his patients and providing them with support and education. Seeing their health and energy improve brings him joy as does working with them to prevent future illnesses/problems.

Dr Dan brings to Colorado Concierge Functional Medicine both an expertise in Functional Medicine and an extensive knowledge in primary urgent/emergency care medicine. After completing his Family Medicine Residency in 2005 he spent 14 month volunteering as medical director for a clinic in rural Ethiopia. For the next 9 years after returning from Africa he practiced full spectrum primary care medicine in rural Colorado providing outpatient, inpatient, emergency room, and geriatric care.

During this time he became increasingly frustrated working in this conventional medical system. He found did not have the time nor the framework to help people address their chronic health issues or help them improve their health.
He was also bothered by the close-minded nature of the western medical system and its inability to help persons struggling with issues for which it has no good treatments such as chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia. In 2013, while searching for ways to help these more complex patients, he discovered the Institute for Functional Medicine. This discovery changed the trajectory of his career and reignited his passion for medicine. Since then Dr. Dan has immersed himself in functional medicine and continues his quest to help his patients attain a true vitality in life.

In April 2017 he obtained his Certification in Functional Medicine from the IFM (* certification indicates that one has done extensive training in functional medicine, has passed a rigorous test, and has completed case reviews by one’s peers).He is also a certified practitioner in the Bredesen protocol for reversing cognitive decline. This has become one of his great passions.

Dr. LaPerriere continues to work a few days each month in the emergency room in rural Colorado where he keeps his urgent/emergency medical skills honed.
He is also medical director of Renew IV therapy in Louisville, CO.

He lives in Lafayette, CO with his wife Melissa and their three children. When not working he enjoys family time, travel, running, and music.

  • Dr. Dan received his Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from Rutgers the State University of New Jersey in 1998. He attended medical school at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – Robert Wood Johnson attaining his MD in 2002. He then did his family medicine internship and residency at Rose Medical Center in Denver from 2002-2005.
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Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach

Tiffany’s interest in nutritional counseling started when she was a midwife in Oklahoma, working with women to have healthy pregnancies and resolve pregnancy related illnesses with proper nutrition.

After moving to Colorado her focus shifted to working with people to manage and resolve their chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders through proper diet specific to their individual needs.

Tiffany and Dr. Dan have worked in various capacities together over the past 6 years and she is excited to join him at Colorado Concierge Functional Medicine where she will be nutritional/health coach and help manage the practice.

Kristyn Granahan is an Institute of Integrative Nutrition certified health coach with a bachelors degree in psychology through DePaul University.

She was a chef with big dreams to be a powerful female lead in the culinary industry, until mono and Lyme disease created a plot twist in her journey, leaving her physically incapable of working long hours on her feet. That’s when she decided to go back to school for her certification and degree.

Kristyn is passionate about helping clients with specialized diets, much like her own, to be able to still enjoy the food they are eating. Additionally, Kristyn enjoys working with clients on their relationship to food and exercise. Throughout her own journey, she learned the challenges that can come with being on a path to better health and people around you not understanding. Kristyn has become versed in helping her clients navigate relationship to self, friends, family, and doctors while navigating their health journey.

Rachel Nkwocha is a Colorado native, wife, and soon to be mother who loves lifting weights, drinking coffee and Salsa dancing. Professionally she is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Food Sensitivity and Intolerances Nutritional Advisor, and Personal Trainer. I help people overcome their health challenges through a mindful and compassionate approach. I believe in getting to the root cause of your symptoms and addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of well-being so that your health can be a foundation for you to thrive in all areas of your life.

I not only have the educational background and experience to support you but I am also a coach who “walks the walk.” After a diagnosis of a rare auto-immune condition, GBS, left me 90 % paralyzed and without answers – I began to develop many other unknown health concerns such as prolonged auto-immune symptoms and food sensitivities. Using food as medicine, supplementation, movement, and massive mindset shifts I have been able to overcome my own condition and have learned what individual health really looks like. I am now dedicated to sharing my experience and knowledge with others so that they can experience ease and joy on their health journey.

We will utilize food as medicine, movement, and mindset work to overcome barriers, develop new habits and reach even your biggest health goals.

Additional experience: Cancer Exercise Specialist, Mindset/ Personal Development training from Landmark worldwide and Bob Proctor