Spring Cleaning

It’s more than just decluttering.

It’s that time of year when everyone starts to do some spring cleaning. This usually involves things like cleaning out closets, organizing the garage, doing a thorough dusting and mopping, and working on the landscape and garden. 

But did you know that spring cleaning actually has other benefits for you?

Spring cleaning (or really big cleans any time of the year) can:

  • Increase your sense of accomplishment.  This can lead to more motivation in other areas of your life including motivation to take care of your health
  • Reduce stress. Though it can sometimes be a drag to start cleaning, for most people, getting into a flow with cleaning can soothe nerves and help you work through your stress
  • Improve focus. Decluttering eliminates distractions which not only can help you stay focused, but also reduce decision fatigue by having fewer things laying around.
  • Count as movement. If you’ve been struggling with variety in exercise, housework counts as movement too!
  • Reduce depression. Less clutter can make a home feel cleaner and more peaceful, which can boost mental health.
  • Reduce toxins and hazards. Whether it’s safely storing away an object that you might trip over or simply just a good dusting to help with air quality, there are many levels of benefits that come from cleaning your environment.

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits it’s time to start thinking about what you can start cleaning?

Here are some other things you can spring clean:

  • Your inbox. Unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t read, delete all of those coupons you’ll never use and file away important emails you need to keep. A clear inbox leads to a clearer mind, whether it’s work or personal.
  • Your Facebook friends (or any social platform). The people you spend your time with have a large influence on your outlook on life and health. If there are people you aren’t vibing with anymore, don’t be afraid to consider removing social connections with them.
  • Your photo album on your phone. Delete old screenshots, pictures you don’t like, etc. that way every time you open your album, you’re met with a reel of memories that make you happy.
  • Your pantry and fridge. Get rid of expired items, donate items you won’t eat or no longer suit your current diet plan, and compost any old produce.

Hope these ideas help give you ways you can declutter and clean out your life this spring and beyond!

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