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At Colorado Concierge Functional Medicine we use an individualized and patient-centered approach to bring about healing. Rather than focusing on symptoms, we seek to identify and correct the root cause(s) of the underlying illness. Our approach includes:
Customized solutions specific to the patient
For us, health is not merely about taking the disease away. It is helping our patients design a better overall quality of life. We take the time with our patients so we can understand their problems, learn about their lifestyles, and help lead them to a more enlightened image of themselves. This allows us to tailor our suggestions in order to make their journey towards wellbeing a fast and enjoyable one.
Science-based evidence
Our healthcare practices generally lag years behind the current scientific research and discoveries. At Colorado Concierge Functional Medicine we attempt to stay on top of the most recent findings that pertain to our patients’ health. We stay up on current research and look into the latest studies that may help improve their condition. We then analyze how this literature pertains to the specific patient we are seeing and how it relates to his or her unique lifestyle, medical history, and physiology. We take care to avoid potentially dangerous interventions.
Combining traditional and modern practices
At Colorado Concierge Functional Medicine we use a holistic approach to care combining traditional western medicine with alternative and complementary medicine. The focus of our treatment plans revolve around nutrition, diet, and exercise.  We employ state of the art laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques. We attempt to strike a balance by recommending a mixture of botanical medicine, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, stress management approaches and prescription medications.
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