Wellness Program Pricing/Info

This program is designed for someone who wants to consistently work to optimize his or her health.  Built into the program are quarterly visits and labs to look more deeply at various aspects of your health as well as some health coaching to help keep you motivated.


  • An annual wellness lab panel (looking at vitamin/nutrient levels, hormones, advanced cardiovascular and metabolic markers, and autoimmunity)
  • $1,600 in lab credit to be used for specialized functional medicine testing throughout the year to help us evaluate and optimize your health.
  • 8 hours of time with Dr. Dan throughout the year. This includes time spent preparing for the visit, charting, creating recommendations, answering any prolonged (>5 minutes) portal or email messages, and any personalized research that may be needed.   This typically translates to four 1 hour visits per year.
  • 4 hours of health coaching time throughout the year (may be broken into 30 or 60-minute visits)
  • Quarterly cognitive testing on Creyos
  • Ongoing provider availability for questions and refills
  • Access to monthly question-and-answer session with Dr. Dan
  • 20% off supplements purchased through COCFM
  • 10% off peptides purchased through COCFM
  • Additional physician time is available at the discounted rate of $450 per hour (usual rate $500/hour)
  • Additional health coach time is available at the discounted rate of $75 per hour (usual rate $100/hour)
Cognitive Program for ReCODE Participants Ongoing Care Program
Per Year
  • Price includes $350 initial lab panel as well as $1,600 in Functional Medicine testing
  • For new members, there is an initial $1,000 enrollment (not included in the above price).  This fee is used to obtain and review past history/records.  It also includes an extra initial visit with Dr. Dan to help evaluate your goals and begin your wellness plan.
  • If paid annually, there is a 10% savings (not including labs) = $5,235/year
  • If paid monthly the initial month is $900 followed by $425 per month for 11 months.